Monday, July 2, 2007


With just three weeks to race day, logistic planning now enters the picture in a big way. But the minutia of getting ready for an event such as Badwater still takes a back seat to physical preparation.

Heat training continues with a vengeance. I'm up to 35 minutes or so with each sauna (175 degrees) session. Daily weekday runs are the glue that holds everything together, and my long weekend runs are going very well. Finally, finally, finally, the Pacific Northwest is preparing for some hot temperatures. Other than our brethren in Alaska, methinks that the Badwater runners from Washington and Oregon are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the heat, given that most of the country has been blessed with plenty of high temps. But I'm not losing any sleep over those details, preferring instead to entertain the delusion that the milder temperatures are assisting the general quality of my running. Or something like that.

The logistic details: Flights. Hotel rooms. Rental cars. GEAR LISTS. Special apparel suitable for 125 desert heat. Food lists. Footwear concerns. I need to hire a full-time assistant just to help me out with these details! Thank heavens for my crew and their willingness to assist wherever needed.

July 4th looms. For me, it doesn't matter whether or not the corn is knee high, if I have enough (read: ANY) fireworks/firecrackers/smoke bombs, or if my potato salad is seasoned appropriately. For me, the day is a reminder of the freedoms that I enjoy, including my right to speak as freely as I do. The last patriot? I don't know, although I doubt it. What's the saying? I love my country, but.... I'll let you fill in the blanks. I promised myself that I'd steer clear of political issues in these missives, so let those be my final words on the topic.

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olga said...

Thanks for the stats. I am about to start thinking it seriously;) but will see how you get it done, so I can relay on your tips. Good luck with heat this week!