Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Prioritize Awesomeness


This is my new personal slogan.

When we "prioritize," we put something at the top of our list; we make it the most important thing; we fast-track a task; we do it first; we set aside all other things; we delay things that can wait; we send it via courier; we make haste; we reshuffle the deck; we hit the re-set button; we objectively look at everything on our to-do list and re-order it.

Definitions for "Awesomeness" would take too much space. I know where awesomeness resides for me, or perhaps I'll find out via much discovery, trial and error. What moves your own "awesomeness" needle?

Prioritize Awesomeness, and you will no doubt have a much better idea of your next best move.

I shall Prioritize Awesomeness.