Wednesday, July 18, 2007

4 Days

4 Days...and the packing continues in earnest today.

More rain for Portland, which is now definitely a distraction. I'm earnestly trying to stay focused on the heat, which is much easier when the sun is shining. The gray skies make it palpably more challenging to transplant my mind to the desert temperatures.

A run last night confirmed that I am indeed a bit taper nutty. I felt aggressive...almost nothing in particular. I'm interpreting that as a sign of physical strength, perhaps even a surge of testosterone that is laying in wait. And while a race such as Badwater is as far removed from the Y-chromosome-fueled sprints of the track as can be, I still like the feeling of physical power and strength--my body's way of letting me know that it's rested and ready.

A minor annoyance is the sauna at my health club (and by the way, why is it called a "health" club? Many of the customers are anything but the picture of "health." "Fitness club" or "workout facility" or "exercise den" might be more appropriate monikers). But I digress. The sauna has been on the fritz, notoriously inconsistent in its ability to maintain and hold a high temperature. Sometimes it will dip as low as 145 degrees F, while other times it will cook at 175. Various opinions from my fellow sweaters point to the probable culprit: The exercise den customers who pour entire bottles of water over the rocks of this dry sauna heating unit. The water has fried the elements/sensors/internal workings of the heater, and the little R2D2 isn't able to process commands from its woefully overloaded thermostat. We need to get Han Solo's crack mechanics on top of this issue, stat.

Speaking of the sauna, one of the benefits I have in cooking each day is the mini-Berlitz language lesson that I passively participate in. One day it will be Korean, the next, Spanish, and just the other day, Arabic. Yesterday, as one guy was leaving the sauna, he yelled in French to a friend who was walking by. English is only occasionally spoken. It's fun to listen to the different tongues, trying to pick up a word or phrase here or there. The world is small and getting smaller, no?

Today is the interview w/ the local t.v. station. Should be fun.

I thank you again for your support and plead with you to visit my friends at Soles4Souls to see how you can make a difference in our world. If you're wondering how to best support my effort at Badwater, visit Soles4Souls! Send a pair (or ten!) of new or gently used adult or children's shoes, or better yet, make a cash donation to help Soles4Souls make a huge impact on the lives of people who need our help.

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