Friday, July 20, 2007

2 Days

2 Days until the race...and the last pre-event blog post.

Nervousness/anxiousness has been replaced by frantic packing, repacking, unpacking, and repacking. The "chassis" as my friend Jason referred to my body, is feeling good, confirmed with a couple of strides this morning for the Oregonian photographer. Yesterday's interview with the paper's sports reporter went well, and reminded me that a good interviewer should always be well-prepared before the sit-down. Mr. Schmidt had done his homework.

Tomorrow, it's wheels up at 10:50am, landing in Sin City around 4:30pm, then picking up dry ice, food, and other supplies.

I need IT tech support over here, NOW, to fix my printer, which is on the fritz. Not good when I have many pages to print out before the trip.

There's not much else to say, other than one word: Thanks. Of course, that six-letter word can't possibly do justice to the gratitude I feel to everyone who has sent me a note of "good luck." Those who I've run with, eaten with, lived with. Those who have given me advice, tips, opinions on how best to approach this animal that is Badwater. My heart overflows. "Love" isn't a word that I use loosely, but that's what I'm feeling right now.

There's an old saying I haven't used in a while, but it means a lot to me: Remember to love the ones you love. There's some power in that, when you really consider every word.




olga said...

Aww, look at you...imagine how much love you'll feel at the finish line! Where you will be no doubt, and rather soon! What a journey, Greg, one more time - best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Greg, you are truly an inspiration!! and amazing. Hope Larisa (my daughter)provides you with that something extra when you need it. Best of luck. Landy Manuel

Dieselmota said...

Great run at BW! Kept updating the webcast to see your progress and am very happy for you!

Strong mind, strong body!


Renee & Mark Seker said...

Fellow endurance athelete here (though not a crazy ultramarathoner thank goodness)... just learned of your adventure via The Oregonian. Big congrats on an outstanding finish. Very impressive time. I hope you have a quick recovery!