Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good night, Paul Harvey

Heralded as a leading conservative voice in American Broadcasting, radio great Paul Harvey passed away this past week at the age of 90.

Anyone who has had access to an AM radio since 1951 had probably heard Harvey's distinctive voice, his unique delivery style, and his down-home way of delivering not the news, but stories about real people, both common and famous.

He might have been a champion of the right, but those of us who came to love his twice-a-day musings on life loved him more for his folksy style that reached listeners of every stripe. He made us cry...he made us think...but mostly, he made us laugh.

His catchphrase "Now you know the
REST of the story" became as well-known and well-liked as the smell of fresh apple pie cooking in mama's kitchen. But the gift he gave us each time he crafted his tale was much more satisfying than a stomach full of pie.

The voice, now silent, will be missed. Thanks, Paul Harvey. Good DAY!

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