Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maya's 7th Birthday Party

Our little princess isn't so little anymore! Maya's 7th birthday party was a hit, celebrated with friends a couple weeks early, since her birthday fell during the 2 week school Easter break (and would coincide with our trips to Paris (see above) and Italy. Maya invited 3 friends for a sleep-over party (Namisha, Ellie and Sofia). As it turned out, only Sofia spent the night – because Namisha’s dad told us it’s just not done in the Indian culture, and Ellie’s mom said she just wasn’t’ ready to sleep away from home.

The girls had a great time – putting on makeup, dancing to music with her new disco ball, watching movies and eating popcorn. Cole was very fortunate, because Sofia seemed to have a crush on him, and insisted that he be included in all activities – even bringing his mattress into Maya’s room for the sleeping portion. He was thrilled, and Maya didn’t seem to mind too much since Sofia was insistent. At the end of the evening when Greg took Ellie & Namisha home, they said it was “the BEST party ever”. So cute!

A few days later, Maya (and Daddy) made cupcakes to share with her classmates.

HERE is a link to all the photos from the party.

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